Simple Tips To Educate You About Cats In The Following Article

If you could save the life of an animal, would you? Millions of cats are out there needing a loving home. You simply have to adopt one, and the article below will teach you how.

If you have a female cat it is important to have her spayed once she becomes old enough. You may believe that this is unnecessary if your cat stays inside all the time; however, cats almost always find a way to get outside, especially when they are in heat. When this occurs, your cat could get pregnant. Your best bet is to have your female cat spayed.

Regular visits to the vet will preserve your cat’s health. Cats need routine annual check-ups and possibly additional ones as well for vaccinations. When the cat seems to be acting abnormally, take it to the vet immediately.

Prevent your cat from getting zapped by coating exposed wires with bitter apple. If your cat still insists on chewing your cords, try to cover as many of them as possible. Bundle electrical cords together inside a tube. Electronics with thin cords must be put out of reach when they aren’t being used.

Avoid letting your cat go outdoors. There are many dangers to your cat outside. Your cat may get fleas or have other problems. Cats can also be hunted by other animals, stolen or hit by passing vehicles. If your cat has to be outside, make sure it is only in a small area near the house.

Do you have both a dog and a cat? Most dogs will not hesitate before munching on your cat’s food. You should keep your cat food away from the dog. Doing this will also help you avoid fights over the water bowl.

You cat needs to get used to being in a carrier. Understand that cats don’t react to punishment as well as dogs. Encouragement is more likely to get them to respond. Put the carrier in a comfortable place and fill it with treats and toys. Over time, the cat will feel comfortable and go inside the carrier. Let it happen naturally or with only mild coaxing. Do not get angry. It’s a much easier way to get the cat in.

Consider buying your cat a special drinking fountain. Cats like running water for drink more than water that is just sitting there. Cats usually like to drink from a water stream. Cats often like the running water more than their own bowl of water. A fountain keeps the water moving without letting any go to waste.

If you’re adding an additional cat to your home, give the cats a few weeks to get to know each other. Expect to see your cats avoid each other, hiss, or even confront one another. Cats usually learn to enjoy having a companion or at least put up with another one in their home.

Have your cat vaccinated as often as your vet prescribes. Similar to kids, cats need shots and check-ups to prevent health problems. When you have a cat, it becomes a member of your family, so you’ll want to ensure that it’s as healthy as possible.

There are things you can eat that your cat cannot. Some of these foods are green tomatoes, grapes, onions and garlic. If your cat eats these foods, he may become sick or even die. In addition, milk can also upset your cat’s stomach.

Outdoor Cats

An indoor cat is a healthy, happy cat. Cats who live indoors live longer and are healthier than outdoor cats. Outdoor cats can be attacked by other animals and exposed to many harmful influences. Play with your cat daily to give it adequate exercise.

You should not let your de-clawed cat outdoors. The cat will be unable to defend itself against other cats or animals, risking injury or even death. Cats should only be declawed if they’re going to be inside fulltime. The front claws should be the only ones removed. You do not have to touch claws on the back, as these claws do not damage the floor.

Dry food is a good choice for your cat. Kittens have small teeth so they need soft food. As they grow older, dry foods ensure that their teeth are strong. Try also mixing together dry and wet food if you’ve got a picky cat.

Cats may be affected by the same illnesses humans get. Pay attention to changes in your cat’s mood and behavior as they may be a sign your cat is feeling poorly. Have a vet look at your cat if you suspect this. It can be dangerous to avoid taking your cat to the vet when it is sick because there may be serious conditions that need checking. A vet can check for these.

Stay your hand if you’re tempted to feed your cat leftovers from your own meals. The ingredients and preservatives in our food, as well as our cooking methods, are not safe for cats. If you want to give your cat a treat, a spoonful of chicken or some egg is okay. So long as you are feeding your cat the correct food according to their weight and age, their diet is good.

Vet visits are often inevitable, and the bills can quickly pile up. You can save money on medications by ordering them online. There are a few companies that will deliver the medications right to your house. This is beneficial for monthly medications your cat takes, such as heart worm pills or flea treatments.

Adopting a needy cat is something to be proud of. You are sharing your home with an animal that really needs your love. The relationship between you and the cat you care for can last a lifetime. Take good care of your pet, and it’ll take good care of you too.