Is Maximo SaaS Migration the Perfect Bridge to Cloud?

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Cloud is one of the most overused words today. People got shell-shocked from the blustering assault it caused in the online world. But the smoke has now cleared, and it does not permeate a lot of businesses, becoming an accepted and trusted model. As a veteran of the original assault, it is interesting to see the journey. Thankfully, people have progressed along with the hype pretty quickly.

After the confusing heights of the peak inflated prospects, we seemed to rush through the trench of disillusionment and hit the enlightenment rise in record time. If an individual is one of the long-suffering and uncomplaining few who is patiently waiting for the technology to reach its peak, then now is the time to stick their head back above the ditch and see what is what when it comes to the Cloud industry, specifically for asset-intensive businesses.

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There’s no doubt that this platform’s uptake is starting to gather some paces. Software as a Service is starting to gain traction as an excellent alternative for global deployment all over the industry. According to International Data Corporation, external adoption will grow from 22% to 33% in the next 24 months, gaining a 46% growth.

According to multiclient research, at least 70% of heavy cloud users are believed to be a hybrid clouded strategy. And, looking particularly at the Software as a Service market, experts predict that cloud app services are expected to grow 20.3% or $37.7 billion. As vendors are starting to shift their business models from on premise to a licensed solution to a public cloud-based option, the trend will continue.

Maximo SaaS

This solution caters to companies of all sizes that need simple-to-use Enterprise Asset Management solutions. A growth in the numbers of businesses is moving to the cloud or Maximo SaaS hosting options because of its advantages, ease-of-use, fast deployment, and simplicity.

This Software requires fewer on-call or in-house Information Technology resources, which minimizes IT costs, as well as operational risks. It improves flexibility, has a lower upfront cost, and allows for more accessible updates, patches, and upgrades. So what can clients expect from a Maximo SaaS migration? This solution’s benefits are now pretty accepted, and with the hyped removed, here is what is real.

Lower deployment time

Cloud-based apps are already configured and installed. Users have the advantage of supplying the server and minimizing the time spent in configuration and installation in a couple of hours.

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Reduced operational costs

Software as a Service has a differential when it comes to costs since it traditionally resides in multitenant or shared environments. Regular maintenance costs are minimized as well, because the SaaS service provider manages and owns the domain.

Integration and scalability

SaaS environments have integration with other Software as a Service offering, as well as scalability. Comparing with the conventional model, users don’t have to purchase additional applications or servers. They only need to make sure that the new SaaS offering is running pretty well on their system.

Upgrades and updates

Effort and costs associated with updates, upgrades, patches, and new releases are much lower compared to traditional models that usually force users to purchase their upgrade package to install it. They can also ask users to pay for particular specialized services to get environment updates and upgrades.

Easy to use

Products like Maximo SaaS offerings are very easy to use because they already come with the best pre-tested, embedded, and ready to go practices. Local variables are already removed, making sure of consistency in the user experience. But there are always two sides to the story. According to experts, the top reasons why organizations do not choose Maximo Software as a Service as uncertainty if the application is the right deployment choice (36%), contentment or satisfaction with the existing on premise application (30%), no additional requirements (33%), and they are locked into their present service provider with costly contractual requirements (14%).

Even if people are still on the fence, the advantages are still outweighing the disadvantages. Maximo SaaS’s popularity is steadily growing because it streamlines and simplifies the deployment of valuable resources and minimizes acquisition costs.

With this solution, web developers can support as many customers as they can with a single version of the Maximo Software as a Service product. This approach (also called multitenancy) allows organizations to scale as much and as fast as needed without adding Information Technology teams or replacing expensive infrastructure.

A recent study shows that a lot of companies or businesses are turning to cloud hosting as a way to offload the management of their applications. Not only that, subscription-based Software as a Service pricing model can keep Information Technology budget costs predictable and consistent. In our opinion, the war is already won, and the time to influence services like Maximo to build a system transition plan for asset-intensive applications is already here.