Is Teflon Coating Good for Cars?

First made in the 1930s, Teflon is the brand name of a synthetic fluoropolymer called polytetrafluoroethylene and known more commonly as PTFE.

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PTFE is used as a chemical coating used to create a heat resistant, non- reactive and waterproof surface.

A car begins to lose its value from the moment it is driven off the lot. From that point on, most buyers are concerned with maintaining the quality of their car, internally and externally.

Without a proper coating, a car’s paintwork can easily be damaged and ruin the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. A Teflon coating will prevent corrosion due to its waterproof nature. PTFE coating can be regarded as short-term solution, as the coating usually lasts for approximately six months. However, it is comparatively affordable and worth the investment to protect a vehicle’s exterior against scuffs and deterioration caused by corrosion, rust and environmental impact.

The Process for Teflon Application Is Relatively Straightforward

The whole vehicle’s exterior must be cleaned and washed carefully to remove any debris and contaminants. The vehicle should be entirely dried and then the PTFE coating can be applied to a thickness of at least 0.02microns. When the Teflon coating is dried, a buffing machine can be used to polish the vehicle. The whole process should not take more than an hour once the car is cleaned and dry.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Teflon Coating

The advantages of using a Teflon coating on a vehicle is that the PTFE coating will leave the car with an appealing sheen or gloss which enhances the colour of the car, maintaining its new feel. The Teflon protects the paint from minor scratches and corrects existing minor scuffs when first applied, allowing for a long-lasting great look. A Teflon coating is therefore an affordable way to protect and enhance the appearance of a vehicle.

The main disadvantage is that a Teflon coating, even done properly, will last for less than a year.

There are more long-lasting solutions on the market such as ceramic coating. However, ceramic coating is at least three times more expensive than a Teflon coating.

Ceramic coating is manufactured using one of the hardest materials on earth, Carborundum. It is a clear coating which chemically bonds to the paint on the vehicle once applied, creating a waterproof and scuff-resistant surface which is also rust-resistant.