Rustic Chandeliers: How To Incorporate Antique Wooden Chandelier In Your Living?

When it comes to decorating the house, everyone desires to go for a unique style. For someone who admires the countryside and wants to include the warmth and beauty of a country within the house, rustic decorating style is an impressive choice.

Rustic styling originated in the 18th century in America, where people would use woods to furnish their log cabins. Later on, it became a trendsetting idea, and the furniture was designed by wielding sticks, wood, and logs to give your vacation cabin a country like atmosphere. The rustic decoration may look rocky or rough, but it has a realistic and sophisticated touch. Today, rustic chandeliers are widely used to add a touch of elegancy to rustic styling.

What Is A Rustic Chandelier?

rustic chandelier is basically a piece of rough art. If you have a creative and artistic imagination, you can recreate any old rusty chandelier into a masterpiece. 

You can use paints, some strong chains, and candles as a source of illumination, and the antique chandelier will amplify the beauty of your contemporary home or your wooden cabin. Having a rustic chandelier above the dining table will surely give you the cozy feeling of living in a country. 

Fascinating Styles Of A Rustic Candle Chandelier

Rustic chandeliers come in varying styles and designs. Overtime, rustic chandeliers have become more stylish with a speck of modernity.  

Let’s discuss a few alluring styles of rustic chandelier and how to incorporate them in your living space to make your house looks elegant and warm at the same time:

  • Rectangular rustic chandelier

They are designed in a rectangular cable frame with some clear glass candles on top. To give it a rustic impression, the chandelier is painted with fake rust or oil rubbed bronze. The frame is then suspended through long, strong chains.  

Hooking this chandelier on your ceiling will surely give your living room a diverse style.

  • Textured rustic chandelier

It is a simple yet elegant rustic chandelier design for a house owner that loves simplicity. The texture of the iron frame is blended with wood accents. The black frame goes side by side with a wooden bending. 

The woodwork, candle holders, and the overall design have a simple yet luxurious style to it. They go well with modern and contemporary settings as well as rustic design elements.

  • Antler style chandelier

To give the rustic chandelier a more mountainous look, antlers are frequently used to design it. They are made with authentic or faux antlers, which thoroughly hand-polished to give it a much realistic look. The piece will definitely look great in a cabin or a farmhouse.

  • Fire-pit chandelier

Fire-pit chandeliers are one of a kind and are handcrafted to give your home a country look that you so much desire. They add a touch of luxury to your living and dining area and allow you to make a statement on any special event.