An Austin Powers Impersonator Got Everyone Excited

Everyone at work loves the events that we hold. We usually have one every spring, depending on how busy things get, but we always have one in November. We use it as our Christmas banquet even though it is so early. We just want to make sure everyone gets their bonus checks in time to go out and do some holiday shopping if they want to do that. We make a big deal out of it too because it is just a lot of fun. There is a local event entertainment company that helps us to organize it so it is better than the prior year’s.

That is no small feat because every year is beyond great. This year, we wanted to have something that would really surprise everyone. I know that they have impersonators, so I looked through the extensive list they have. As soon as I saw Austin Powers, I knew he was the one I wanted to use for what I had in mind. I had always just used this entertainment company for the day of the party, but I decided to hire the Austin Powers impersonator for a few hours the week before.

The company is great to work with, and they let me plan the entire thing out. I had the impersonator come to our office building. There are three floors to our office building and different sections on each floor. I had him visit the main floor first. His main job was to pass out mystery letters to whoever he wanted. He interacted with everyone, but he only handed out these letters to five people on each floor. The letters made no sense, which just added to the fun. He was funny, and he had everyone laughing. He truly did act as Austin did in the movies, which just made everyone anticipate the actual party the following week even more.