How the Stars of the 90’s Influenced the Fashion of the Decade

The 90s was a decade that saw the sharp suits and hard lines of the 80’s fashion, become softer, comfier and more casual. After a decade of excess, the refreshing change in fashion was welcomed with open arms – heralding a lighter hearted way of dressing for the new era.

Tis was an era where fashion trends were influenced as much by the stars of the era as well as the catwalks. For the first time, music videos, and global sporting events were accessible to millions all over the world and inspirational artists and sports stars became icons for more than what they did for a living – their fashions were watched by eager fans all over the globe.

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One of the sporting heroes of the era, Michael Jordan was a huge influence in the world of fashion as well as being a great basketball player- wearing his Nike Air Jordan trainers, he, like many other top sports stars caused a huge rise in the popularity of sportswear, and it became fashionable to wear sportswear as a fashion item – not just for playing sports or hitting the gym!

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Brands such as Adidas, Kappa and Tommy Hilfiger menswear, are all synonymous with this decade – and as we see a resurgence in the 90’s fashions, once again we are seeing the rise of the sports brands and fashions that are sporty becoming incredibly popular once again.