Black Birds Were Taking over My Home

Living in the country I have had to deal with a lot of different pest issues. Mice, possums, and deer are to just name a few of them. Overall, the issues were easily fixed. Fences, traps, etc and the pests were gone. The only issue I wasn’t able to deal with myself was with the birds, which I had to enlist the help of bird control companies to help resolve.

In the country, we get a lot of bugs. There is always some sort of bug flying around or buzzing about. You come to enjoy the insect noises at night and the sight of them in the summer. However, when fall rolls around it is a different story. The insects are there, but so are the birds. Usually, the birds aren’t so bad. They might be a 20 or 30 in your yard getting insects and worms, but never a problem. Or at least I thought they wouldn’t be a problem. I quickly found out that it would be a problem when a few hundred black birds came and roosted in my trees.

The black birds made noise all the time. It seemed that it would never stop! Day and night, in the morning and late afternoon. It drove me crazy! Not to mention these birds were chasing off my regular birds that I watched and enjoyed. I had to do something, so I called a bird control service. They told me that there were too many to take and relocate, but they could prevent more from coming and try and move these birds along to another place. I was okay with that solution. If I had to deal with the birds for a month, as long as they didn’t come back that was fine with me.

The control put little containers around my home and yard. I was told they were filled with a smell that the birds didn’t like so they would come down for food, smell that and eventually leave and not bring family there in the future because they are smart and will remember places off of smell. At the time, I didn’t think that would work but after a week, I noticed less birds and then even less birds. I was thankful it worked! It’s been a few years since then, but I still haven’t had any black bird issues since then.