A Choice of Two Escorts

I was on a date with a couple of Las Vegas Asian escorts last week. I had hired two different ones to see which one would give me the best time. I began hiring escorts some time last year because I was looking for a way to get over my girlfriend. She cheated on me with someone who was close to me, and it really hurt. I didn’t want to see her or the other person for the rest of my life. I was in pain for so long, until I learned that I could get an escort to have a date with me in the Las Vegas area.

The escorts that I hired were wonderful. They looked great, they were funny, and they knew how to make any moment into a great one. We were at a club, and there was a long line for people to get in. I thought that we would never get into it, but the escort was able to go up front and talk to the bouncer and convince him to let us into the club. I don’t know how she did it, but I was glad. We had a great time dancing and getting drinks in the club.

The other escort went with me to a restaurant and we had some great food. She was really smart about the kinds of wine that were being served in the place, and she ordered a good red for me to drink. She knew that I was a fan of the red wine over the white one, even though we were having seafood. Out of both of the escorts, I can’t really chose between them, so I have to go out with them again to get some kind of idea. This may take a while tot get an answer.