I Am Thinking About Careers

I have just now started to think about what happens when I get out of school, of course I had to have a girl tell me that I needed to do it. She was really attractive and really smart, obviously I was pursuing her. However I soon realized that I would not make the cut because she wanted someone who knew what they were doing at college. She has apparently decided to be a data consultant or a data scientist, I was not sure which to be honest. I did not really understand much about that, although I have been taking some computer science classes and I am thinking about trying to major in it. That is something that would be of keen interest to me and of course the fact is that you can almost certainly find a very good job if you have a computer science degree. At any rate I figure that this is not the only girl who looks at me and wants to know what I am really about.

Of course a data consultant may as well be a voodoo witch doctor, and if it were I would not know anything more about what it does. You wonder about the things that you see in the news, where the big tech companies know everything about you. For instance when you go shopping some times you will get a message on your phone wanting you to rate the experience you had at the shopping center. Your phone knows where you are every second of the day. I would guess that if you went to a place that sold dirty movies they would know that, but obviously if you get stuff off of the internet then Google will know that and they know everything about your likes and such.