Things to Look for Before Dogmounting for Your Pets

Want to wear neck accessories or Dogmount on your dogs and cats, there are a few things that need to be considered first!For pet owners, especially dogs and cats, they are often attracted to various accessories to complement the appearance of dogs and cats.Not infrequently, dog and cat accessories offered are cute and cute, so when they are worn by dogs and cats they hope they will also be super cute! This also happened to me as an animal owner. The dogs and cats that I have ever cared for use neck accessories, one of them is a necklace.

The use of neck accessories, especially necklaces, is useful as a means of identification, meaning that cats or dogs are proprietary. In addition, it can also be used to attach leashes or straps and harnesses to dogs, cats can also but usually don’t want to walk if worn harness or leash.Other functions are also added with antiparasitic substances, so the necklace serves to kill fleas, fleas, ticks that stick to dogs and cats.Some people use necklaces, chains as a restrain device. Actually, this is not recommended, especially if used for a long time with a short strap, can cause limited movement of dogs so easy to stress. In cats, moreover, many cases of cats suffocate due to ignorance of the owner to tie or give bridle to his cat.

Note the material used does not cause irritation. Currently there are many ingredients that can be used for neck accessories. Plastic, fabric, nylon, iron chain, leather, elastic rubber, and other materials. Usually these materials also vary according to price, some are added to the name or you can also add a bell. Pay attention to each new giving a new cat and dog necklace, a reaction to his skin. If dogs and cats look itchy and are accompanied by redness after using the necklace for some time, they may experience irritation. Its use should not be continued.If the necklace is used there are antiparasitic compounds, because the nature of the drug is usually a quick reaction of irritation.Keeping the necklace clean is also important because if it takes too long to wear and smell and never be washed it will cause itching too. Especially the necklace with nylon material easily absorbs water.

Make sure the accessories match the size of the neck of the cat and dog. The size of a dog’s and cat’s neck needs to be taken care of, not to get too tight, too loose. If you use a too tight necklace, worry about cats choking and injuring the skin. Cases that often occur because of using a necklace for too long, do not pay attention to its size causing the necklace to stick to the skin, causing quite deep trauma to the skin with wide wounds. It usually occurs in dogs with chains. If it’s too loose, cats can especially remove their own necklaces, often involving the lower jaw. Finally, an injury can occur too. So, make sure the size is appropriate, after installing, the distance between the neck and the necklace gap is about 1-2 fingers. Adjust to its size.