Great ideas for waterproof floors

If you’re looking for new flooring in your bathroom or kitchen, it makes sense to go for a waterproof design. It can even be incorporated throughout the house to help protect from spills and accidents. Here are the best types of waterproof flooring for your home.

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It’s no surprise that tile is often found in rooms susceptible to spillages. It is one of the most durable flooring options out there, and with its waterproof surface, it is a perfect choice when you want a waterproof flooring option.

There are plenty of modern designs out there, which means that tile doesn’t necessarily have to look like tile. With some options looking convincingly like stone or wood, you can choose your tile design to match your space.


Laminate is often eliminated as a waterproof option before any research has been done about it. The truth is that although standard laminate may not be the best choice, waterproof laminate flooring is quickly becoming more popular. There is a wide range available, such as the choice available through, so you should have no trouble choosing something that stands out to you.

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You may not need someone to install laminate for you thanks to its snap-together nature, but if you are planning on doing it yourself, you should research thoroughly to see if it is possible. If not, hire someone trustworthy to install it for you.

Whichever option you choose, you won’t regret opting for waterproof flooring.